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  • An older women wearing a virtual reality (VR) headset

    Audio description for 360-degree content


    We have been experimenting extensively with audio description on 360-degree content in the Immersive Accessibility (ImAc) Project, with the aim of finding solutions for enhancing the viewing experience of someone with sight loss.

  • Making opera accessible: Pre-recorded audio description


    Alice Gilmour from Opera North spoke about her role in making opera accessible.

    Making opera accessible is my role at Opera North and yet I was aware that our increasing use of concert halls for our very well-received semi-staged productions of Turandot, Salome and more recently Aida, had meant that we were not accessible to anyone who cannot see the displayed surtitles, as they have all been sung in their original languages. So as an audio describer myself, I decided to trial pre-recording audio description.

  • Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt dressed as superhero Super Bolt, holding a blaster

    Another breakthrough for audio description on TV adverts


    The new Virgin Media TV ad for their "Switch to Super" campaign, which aired for the first time simultaneously across all five main ITV channels on the evening of Saturday 30 March, featured audio description.

  • Public Consultation announcement: adding audio description to TV Commercials


    Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) is consulting on the regulation of TV advertisements that include content provided by means of audio description.

  • Audio description comes to Amazon Prime Video


    Amazon this week rolled out audio description on its UK Prime Catalogue for its viewers with sight loss.

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