Diary of a vision rehabilitation officer

7 November 2016

Being a vision rehabilitation officer is a varied job, you have to think on your feet, make instant decisions and respond to the different needs of very different people. 

In this diary, a vision rehabilitation officer, shares a snippet of a day in their life for one week. It’s often funny and moving, and illustrates just why vision rehabilitation support is so important. The stories are based on real clients and real visits. All names have been changed, and identifying features removed, the vision rehabilitation officer remains anonymous.
The diary demonstrates why local authorities must take the opportunity when setting budgets to ensure that there are the right resources in place whether funding, staff or systems so that everyone with a visual impairment in need of support, can receive it.
RNIB is calling on all local authorities to ‘See, Plan and Provide’.

“I’m proud to be a rehab officer. It’s not an easy job; there are lots of ups and downs. Lots of frustrations and triumphs, laughter and tears but I feel humble to have been able to work with so many different people who in their own way have taught me just as much as I have taught them. It is a privilege that people let me into their lives at times when they are struggling, and trust me to work with them to learn new skills and get back some old ones to enable them to go on and lead more independent lives. I hope this little diary helps to make more sense of how we do what we do.”