Disability Rights UK – Featured Website for July 2014

1 July 2014


Disability Rights UK is the online home of the equality campaigning charity. Organised, staffed and managed by people with a variety of disabilities and health conditions themselves, it aims to ensure people with disabilities have ownership of their own lives, with access to an independent living lifestyle. Furthermore, it aims to address the links between disability and poverty in the UK while promoting disability equality.

Why is Disability Rights UK the website of the month?

Disabilityrightsuk.org is selected as website of the month for two main reasons. Firstly, they’re actively working towards important goals that directly impact on the lives of visitors to the RNIB. But beyond that (as you might expect) the site itself is highly accessible. It works well with screen readers, makes it easy to change font size, or adjust the contrast and colour of backgrounds and text.

In addition, there’s lots of content that could be useful for people who are blind or partially sighted, including free fact sheets and guides. With a searchable and extensive news archive, plus the facility of logging in and setting up a Disability Rights UK account of your own, which costs £7.50 per year, there’s plenty of interesting and helpful material to work through.

User comments:

We heard from Dean, who said:

"It’s difficult to argue with the goals of Disability Rights UK. As a registered charity striving to ensure widespread equality for people with any type of disability, the organisation works hard to make real and measurable positive changes to the way people live.

"A minor criticism is that the free resources are a little hard to find, with the paid-for publications getting a much more prominent position on the 'free factsheets' page. Once you do get to the free resources, they offer a wealth of material on a wide range of subjects, all relevant to people with disabilities.

"The news stories covered also have a clear disability focus, with updates and stories appearing regularly."

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