Image shows the AIG logoRNIB are delighted to have been selected as AIG's charity partner.

We will be working closely with both their Charity Committee to organise exciting fundraising events and also with their Corporate Social Responsibility team to focus on the health and wellbeing of employees, customers and community.

Chris Freeman
Chris Freeman has glaucoma and is registered as partially sighted. After completing his Masters degree, he contacted our employment team with the hope that they could help him find a job.

The employment team were impressed with Chris’s passion and commitment. So to further build up his CV, they signed him up to oversee the weekly Job Club, helping other blind and partially sighted people find employment too. While Chris was overseeing the Job Club, a work placement opportunity came up with AIG. AIG’s UK Chief Operating Officer had met with RNIB’s CEO, Lesley-Anne Alexander, and made a commitment to recruit more blind and partially sighted employees.

Chris was successful at interview and began his six-week work placement. Our employment team provided AIG with support to ensure Chris’s colleagues were comfortable working alongside someone with sight loss. Once the placement came to an end, Chris was offered a full-time permanent role as an underwriting service advisor in AIG’s Birmingham office.

“It feels absolutely great to finally earn my own money. I feel more confident and the people I work with are lovely,” Chris says. “Thank you so much to RNIB and Action for Blind People. Keep up the good work.”

“I am really proud of our Birmingham office team and how they pulled together to make Chris’s experience such a positive one. They have demonstrated what is possible with a positive and inclusive attitude. We can all learn something from what they and Chris have achieved.” Geoff Godwin, AIG UK Chief Operating Officer.

AIG staff volunteer their time to brighten up the garden at RNIB's Bradbury Oak House

A group of volunteers from AIG recently came along to help brighten up the garden at RNIB’s Bradbury Oak House for visually impaired people, in East Dulwich.

The weather stayed bright during the two days they were on site, allowing the teams to give some old garden furniture and important guide rails a new lease of life. Their hard work will help create a nicer environment for the residents at Bradbury Oak. 

The residents and staff at Bradbury Oak House and RNIB would like to thank the lovely AIG volunteers and look forward to seeing them again soon!

AIG Staff volunteer at our RNIB Pears Centre

A team of volunteers from AIG’s Birmingham Service Centre recently spent the day gardening and helping out at our Pears Centre for Specialist Learning. One of the visitors offered some thoughts on their day at Pears.

An inspiring experience

During the day, we were given a tour of the school and to say it was an inspiring and humbling experience is an understatement. The school looks after both residential and non-residential children, all of whom have multiple disabilities as well as sight loss.

The school aims to make sure that the children are prepared for life, and we were fortunate enough to be introduced to some of the children whilst in class. One of the children particularly stood out for us – his name was Ferdie – he introduced himself to us, and greeted us all with a handshake – he asked us our names, and told us individually that we were beautiful, and also asked one or two of us if we were happy in life and whether we were born happy, or became happy.

It was so moving for a young child with multiple disabilities to be so confident and open to talk to us like he did, and I’ll always think of Ferdie now if I am having a bit of a down day myself. I know I speak on behalf of all of us when I say it was an amazing experience being able to give something back to the community, and we look forward to doing whatever Pears have in store for us next time.

AIG colleagues cycled 100 miles for RNIB

Six representatives from AIG took part in Ride London in August. Sam Humphris, Jacqueline Arrowsmith, Andrew Gass, Adrian Whitehead, Stephan Potgieter & Neil Braakenburg gave up their Sunday to support RNIB.

Sam Humphris said "I managed to complete the course in just over 6 hours. I had a great time doing the ride, particularly riding on closed streets in London and have crowds of people cheering you on. I have so far received £770 in donations for RNIB."

Adrian Whitehead said “I survived the ride and completed the route in 5 hours and 10 minutes and it was all trouble free for me!“

Jacqueline Arrowsmith said “It was a lovely day, if not a bit too hot especially in the afternoon. The event was well organised and it was great to be able cycle through the roads safe in the knowledge that no cars (other than emergency services) were going to pass. The good thing about this kind of event is that it attracts all abilities so anyone who is willing to put in some training beforehand can take on this challenge. The hills in particular are very challenging though entrants can choose to be diverted around gentler routes if they don’t want to encounter them.”

Become a corporate partner

If you are interested in a partnership with RNIB or to find out more about how we could work together please get in touch at [email protected] or call us on 0207 391 2340 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm).