How your raffle tickets help

Entering our Christmas raffle will help more people face life with confidence

Most of us look forward to Christmas, but if you’ve just lost your sight, the festivities can pass you by.  Without the right support and advice, Christmas can make feelings of loss and isolation much worse.

How your money helps

Pat Mulqueen-Wood was diagnosed with a brain tumour one Christmas Eve.  Sadly removing the tumour cost her her sight, which was a massive blow on top of recovering from the operation. Pat says, “I went home and my heart broke.  It was a big smack in the mouth.”

Because of her sight loss, Pat had to take early retirement from the job she loved and sadly she wasn’t offered any practical or emotional support at the time.  Luckily, we were then able to help her. Pat has found RNIB to be an essential source of support and advice.  For example, when Pat was refused entry to a cafe because of her sight loss, RNIB was able to advise her.  Pat loves our Talking Books Service as well – especially when the weather is colder and she can’t travel very far.

Unfortunately, we’re currently only able to help one in three people like Pat.  To help us be there for more blind and partially sighted people, why not play our Christmas raffle today?

You help us provide practical and emotional support to those who need it

Every 15 minutes someone loses their sight in the UK. We need to be there for them, giving the emotional and practical support they need to live independently and with confidence.

Money raised through the raffle goes towards our services like providing more sight loss advisers, who help people like Pat. Sight loss advisers can provide people with information on eye conditions, rehabilitation services and employment. They help to lessen the impact of sight loss.

Your money is used to help blind and partially sighted people wherever the need is greatest.

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