An incredible £24,420 - and counting - has been raised by our incredible Team RNIB participants in The 2.6 Challenge.

Lizzie and Trevor Jordan as part of The 2.6 Challenge

For taking part in something which was barely an idea in March, the levels of innovation, inspiration and perspiration shown by everyone who took part has been impressive. From Christine, who covered 26.2 miles in 6hrs 51min 10 sec by lapping her garden, to David, who took 2,600 penalties, to Becca who cycled 26km every day for 26 days, we've been amazed by the ways Team RNIB has included the digits two and six in their targets and their success in meeting them.

Lizzie Tovey raised £2,481 by completing a marathon distance of 26.2 miles on a treadmill between her fourth and fifth chemo cycles.  She said: "I’m doing this crazy thing to raise some funds for the RNIB, which was my chosen London Marathon charity."

Another Lizzi, Lizzi Jordan rode her horse 2.6 miles side by side with her father Trevor running alongside for The 2.6 Challenge.

Trevor explains: "A year ago my daughter (pictured on the horse) Lizzi ran the London Marathon for RNIB with her guide Millie after she suddenly and completely lost her eyesight. Now she’s here helping me train for my turn and tonight we did The 2.6 mile Challenge as a run/trot! She still has no eyesight and horses are another way she finds her independence. The horse enjoys to follow me. Remember money you are working so hard to raise helps support real people just like my daughter Lizzi throughout their lives and really does make a difference."

Alex McDowell, head of public fundraising at RNIB, adds: "Team RNIB has shown such commitment and imagination in setting and meeting their challenges and fundraising for The 2.6 Challenge. For something that was started only two months ago, after our 2020 plans had been disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic, we’ve been amazed by how quickly people have supported the idea and got stuck in. A massive thank you to everyone who took part. That said, it’s not too late to take on your own 2.6 Challenge. It doesn't have an end date so please take on your own challenge whenever you’d like."

How Team RNIB fared in The 2.6 Challenge

Here are just some of the completed challenges and their challengers from Team RNIB: