Eli holding his letter from Santa

With your help, Eli’s getting his first ever Letter from Santa.

Like most six-year-olds, Eli loves Christmas. But his vision impairment sometimes means he feels left out of the festive fun.

Eli was born with Nystagmus, an eye condition that affects how clearly he sees, which means he needs to use a magnifier to read. 

He’s a big fan of bright Christmas lights because he can see them twinkling. Every year, Eli draws a picture of a big, colourful Christmas tree covered in fairy lights. The next morning when he comes downstairs, there’s his twinkling tree brought magically to life!

There’s one Christmas tradition that Eli hasn’t been able to be part of: receiving a letter from Santa he can read independently. 

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Eli sitting with his mum and brother reading a book

Why an accessible letter from Santa means so much

An accessible letter helps children with vision impairment feel included in the magic of Christmas, as well as developing skills like reading and giving them confidence to try new things.

For children like Eli, it’s times like Christmas that can bring home the stark difference between their life and those of children without sight loss. Just when they most long to be part of the excitement, feeling excluded from traditions like receiving a letter from Santa can be a major blow to their confidence. Your help now can prevent that.

Using a special magnifier to read might not seem like a big deal – but for kids like me it makes Christmas feel like it's not really meant for us.


Drawing of a Christmas tree by Eli

Eli and his family have learned through experience to appreciate any and every situation where children like him are made to feel “included”. 

That’s what is so special about accessible letters from Santa. They’re written however kids need them – in braille, large print or audio. This year Eli will receive his very first letter from Santa in large print, his mum can’t wait to see his face when he opens it!

Even at six, he's always having to adapt to the world around him.

Eli's mum, Michelle

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