"Let's help more kids like me"

I’m leading RNIB’s campaign because there are 14,500 young children with vision impairment in the UK like me. With your help, more of them can feel more included this Christmas. Are you with me?

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"Here's a bit about me"

Christmas appeal - Keira hugs a purple envelope containing her braille letter from Santa

Sometimes I used to feel left out of what other kids were doing at school. But since I started getting help from RNIB, I’ve felt so much happier, more confident, and more included like my friends. Now I feel like I can do anything.

It’s not just my braille letter from Santa. They’ve helped me read books and song lyrics, play goalball, enjoy board games with my family, and loads more. They even helped transcribe the book I wrote into braille!

Now I want the same for more kids like me. Supporting my appeal will really help, so please give what you can.


Download the transcript of Keira's film