Try our braille activities

Are you spending more time than usual at home with your children?

If you are looking for some fun but educational ways to occupy them, have a look at our Dots Raise Lots activity packs and lesson plans for some ideas.

Learn how braille started and see if you can write you name in braille using our alphabet sheets. If you are feeling a bit creative, how about finding, or making some dotty clothes and dressing up too.

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Anything that is dotty and can attract people to donate to your cause is great! The most popular events are:

  • Wearing dots: Ask your pupils, club leader or colleagues to join you and dress in dots for the day, and ask everyone taking part to donate a suggested amount.
  • Baking dots: Get creative with chocolate chips or arty with smarties, and hold a cake sale at your school, club or work. Think dotty tablecloths, cups and saucers and some delectable delights to sell.
  • Exploring dots: If you’re a teacher, or if you run a children’s club or society, why not help your young charges discover facts about blindness and braille with our lesson plans, braille games and more? Activities can be combined with baking and/or wearing dots, and children and parents can also fundraise by asking friends and family for sponsorship.
  • Playing dots: Challenge your friends and colleagues to a ‘dot games tournament’ using dominoes, darts, draughts, hoopla, Connect 4 (registered sign), bingo, Twister (registered sign) or hula hooping.
  • Designing dots: If you’re a member of a knitting or sewing group why not create some dotty items you could sell? Paint people’s nails and ask for a donation, or print some t-shirts with dots to sell, maybe with names in braille.