Help more people like Hannah benefit from our sight loss adviser service

I lost my sight overnight while on holiday.

I was just a 20-year-old girl on holiday with her friends in Greece, and also a victim of incredibly bad luck. I drank some contaminated alcohol on a night out which gave me methanol poisoning. It robbed me of my sight and gave me kidney failure too. 

Nothing can prepare you for the shock of losing your sight so suddenly. When I was told by the doctor that my sight wouldn’t come back, I feIt I was in a nightmare. Fortunately, I was told about RNIB’s sight loss adviser service which has since changed my life and given me hope.

Getting back on my feet

I think about how difficult those initial days were and how important my sight loss adviser Angela was. She offered support to me and my family, assisted with appointments and helped me get back to work. Before meeting Angela I thought my life was over, but she helped lift me out of my depression and be more positiveI'm trying to get back to my life and do things I used to do.

With your help, we will be able to make sure the sight loss adviser service is there for even more people when they're needed most. 

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