Help Jake make the impossible possible for people with sight loss

At 12 years old, I went from fully sighted to totally blind in just six weeks. 

My name is Jake Coles, I was diagnosed with a brain tumour at 12 and lost all of my sight in a very short space of time. I was heartbroken, thinking that I might never do "normal" things or go outside on my own again. 

Your donations have helped turn things around

I was recovering from a course of chemotherapy when I heard about RNIB. I was feeling very low, and my family was in shock, we didn’t know what we were going to do.

RNIB put us in touch with others who’d been through the same thing. 

For my parents, it was talking to someone on the Helpline who understood what they were going through.

You’ve helped me ​see that anything is possible

I'm 22 now, and doing things I never dreamed would be possible when I first lost my sight. 

I heard about an adventure holiday, where I could spend a few days with other visually impaired young people and do activities such as abseiling and rock-climbing.

That was the moment I realised nothing is impossible. 

You've empowered me to move on with my life

Thanks to your support, RNIB have helped me with all the practical things I need to live my life to the full.

RNIB showed me how to use Bumpons (little stick-on dots) to help with things like cooking and put me in touch with someone who trained me to use a cane.

I’ve also learned how to use screen readers which make studying much easier. 


I’m really thankful for the fantastic support I’ve received and today, I’m doing all of the things a 22-year-old should. I’m at university, living away from home, cooking for myself and going to the gym. Now I want the same for others like me. Will you make a donation, and help make the impossible possible for others with sight loss?

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