Your top tips for gardening

Kevin sitting in his shed, smiling and filling a plant pot with soil.
We had a lot of fun reading the gardening tips that were sent in by you!

We've now selected a few and as we received so many great ones, we’ll be updating this page with new tips in the weeks to come, so make sure to check back for ​more.

  1. Don’t place plants too close together, give them space to grow.
  2. Grow plants with plenty of scent to create a pathway.
  3. Use toilet or kitchen roll centres as an alternative to pots when planting seeds, especially long rooted plants.
  4. Use large coffee jar lids as pot feet. They are free, strong, last longer than pottery ones and recycled!
  5. Paint your hand tools with bright red nail varnish. It’s easier to find them when lost!
  6. Save corks from wine bottles. Drill a small hole at one end of the cork and push it on the top of a support cane (they are normally made of plastic, bamboo or wood, and are placed in a pot to provide support so that a plant can stand up on its own). This saves money buying plastic tops and protects you from being poked in the eye.
  7.  Sit back with a cuppa and listen to nature!
  8. Keep weeds controlled by regular hoeing.
  9. Keep new plants well watered.