Gardening tips for blind and partially sighted people

Being out in the garden can make you feel good and is a great way of keeping active.

Here are some gardening tips for people with sight loss:

  • Plant grasses for sound and touch. Although scented plants are a bonus, don't have too many as a mass of scent might be confusing.
  • Plant pale coloured plants against a dark shrub, a fence or a dark coloured mulch, and they will stand out more.
  • Many people who have sight loss find they can still see yellow, white and blue flowers for longer than other colours. Choose plants, tools and containers in colours that work best for you.
  • Plant in blocks or lines to help you identify plants and to make more of a colour or scent impact in an area of the garden.
  • Choose plants that like the conditions for each area of your garden. They will need less attention to grow well.
  • It also helps to choose plants that are easy to maintain, that are thorn-less and don't need much pruning.
  • To ensure that you get the most out of your watering can, drill a small hole towards the top of the can. When this level is reached a small of stream of water will indicate the measure.
  • If you are blind and partially sighted it can be difficult to tell what is a weed and what isn’t.
  • When planting new pot plants keep them for a week to find out if they contain long term weeds before planting.
  • When growing vegetables in containers use different shaped containers for each plant to help with identification.