Your gift could open up a world of magic and adventure for Lily-Grace

Once upon a time, there was a girl called Lily-Grace

Lily-Grace was a happy little girl who loved to read. She also had limited sight because she was born prematurely. She had one Christmas wish, which was to read the enchanting tale of The Nutcracker.

Lily-Grace needed a Talking Book to read The Nutcracker. Talking Books are magical things that give the joy of reading to children and adults who can't read ordinary books because they are blind or partially sighted.

However, Talking Books are very costly to create, so this is where you come into the story.

You can make Lily-Grace's Christmas wish come true

By giving a gift, you can help Lily-Grace and thousands of children and adults with sight loss to enjoy The Nutcracker and other wonderful stories.

Right now, only seven per cent of books are available as a Talking Book.

Can you help us create more Talking Books for children like Lily-Grace, and open up the magical world of reading?

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All gifts we receive will be used to help blind and partially sighted people wherever the need is greatest.