How your raffle tickets help

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Jacqueline stands on a beach looking to the left in the background is the sea
One day Jacqueline was playing bridge and found that she couldn’t see the cards, so one of her friends suggested she go the opticians. Here Jacqueline shares her experience of sight loss and how RNIB supported her through it.

“When they told me that I had glaucoma, and I would have to take drops for the rest of your life, it took the wind out of my sails. I realised my eye sight wasn’t getting any better and I went through a lot of emotions.”

“One thing that made it so much easier was the eye clinic liaison officer (ECLO) who was on hand to give me the full explanation I needed.  The ECLO at Sussex hospital was there once I accepted my condition and could explain it all to me. She was so good and helped in more ways than one.”

“I owe a debt to RNIB for their wonderful advice and support. They have been a tower of strength to me,” says Jacqueline. She is one of the 16,000 patients diagnosed with sight loss each year. It’s only through the generosity of RNIB supporters like you that we are able to train and support the ECLOs who provide people like Jacqueline with vital emotional and practical support.