How your raffle tickets help

“Keep the magic of Christmas alive”

Ed celebrates Christmas

Christmas is such an exciting time for everyone, and we all experience Christmas differently. For a visually impaired child, Christmas is just as special; opening presents and Christmas jumpers are there to be enjoyed as much as the sound of sleigh bells.

At just age five, Ed underwent surgery to remove a brain tumour. The operation was successful, but unfortunately it caused Ed to lose his sight. Ed and his family are just beginning his sight loss journey, and we want to be able help them, and other families with visually impaired children, to continue to enjoy the magic of Christmas.

At RNIB, we can offer Letters from Santa, so that Ed, who is learning braille, will get a letter from Santa he can read, and one for his sighted twin brother Ben, too. RNIB also have a wide range of Christmas Talking Books, for Ed and his family to build the excitement of the festive season.