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Carolyn and her two daughters
Carolyn lost her sight suddenly when she woke up one morning unable to see. Here, Carolyn shares her story and how RNIB helped her cope:

"I woke up one morning with no sight. It was that quick. I wasn't in any pain, but I just couldn’t see. It was like there was an oil spill covering my vision.

"Initially I was told by doctors that it was most likely a visual migraine, but on further investigation they found that quite a lot of pressure from my spinal fluid had gone up around my brain and settled behind my eyes.

"I just sobbed, not for the loss of my sight but because I wouldn't be able to see my kids. As a single mother, the thought of not being able to provide for my two girls was terrifying. 

"I got in touch with a social worker and an employment officer from RNIB who helped me get back to work. The social worker spent a lot of time helping me with various things including finding ways to cook and getting the kids to school on time. 

I'd always been very independent so I felt like it had all been taken away from me. I suddenly had to call on friends and family, but RNIB helped me to keep my independence. I hate to think where I'd be without them.

"I had trouble with depth perception, so I wouldn't trust myself to pour water from a kettle in to a cup. They gave me a liquid level indicator to help. Even the simple things such as using Bumpons [small sticky dots] to use on my microwave and cooker, they helped with.

"I've regained some sight in my in my left eye, but I’m still classed as visually impaired because I don't have much vision in my right eye."