How your raffle tickets help

 “Thank goodness I found out about RNIB”

Starting school can be tough for anyone, but for Emily, who was born with septo-optic dysplasia, it was even more of a challenge. Emily has a small amount of vision in her left eye but sight at all in the right, and the lack of support in her early education left her feeling isolated and took away her love of learning.

Emily found that her school did very little to make learning accessible for her. Emily loved to read and learn but was very frustrated that her school couldn’t provide any accessible books or materials for her.

“Thank goodness I found out about RNIB. They provided me with school resources, as well as books to read for fun, and they have been really useful in helping me get accessible course materials for my degree.”

Emily’s dream for the future is to study for an MA in children’s literature, and eventually wants to write books for children.

“If RNIB hadn’t helped me to access reading – both children’s books and learning materials throughout my education – my life and my goals would certainly have been very different.”

Every pound you donate makes a big difference to blind and partially sighted people just like Emily.