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Tuesday, 11 February 2014
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Envision network

We recently formed a steering group for the Envision network, made up of eight members of the network. The group work with our campaigns team to help coordinate and drive forward the work of Envision.

Next steps

The steering group are meeting on 17 February to plan the network's activities for the year. We will open the steering group up for nominations and elections again in a year's time.

Are you aged between 18-30 and blind or partially sighted? Would you like to get involved in the network? If so, please contact Libby Rhodes on 0207 391 2310 or email [email protected].

You can now also find all the latest on Envision at the Envision Facebook page.

Steering group members


Mohammed lives in London and has been a Volunteer Campaign Coordinator with RNIB for five years, driving forward campaigns in his area. Mohammed has won a legal battle with his local Council over tactile paving and has strong links with disability organisations, transport authorities and government departments.


Lucy from Birmingham was only recently diagnosed with sight loss and has worked closely with our campaigns team and other areas of RNIB. Lucy is looking forward to providing a voice for the opportunities and concerns of young blind and partially sighted people.


Nina also lives in Birmingham and has been a Volunteer Campaign Coordinator for a year. Nina has been involved in a wide range of activities in that time, including organising a meeting with her local MP and other blind and partially sighted campaigners in her area on our care campaign.


Kimberley from Manchester is new to campaigning and is interested in areas around hate crime as well as accessibility. Kimberley is a keen blogger and writes for social media websites as well as recently winning our Insight Magazine's Young Illustrator of the year competition.


Francesca from Wigan is passionate about raising awareness of the challenges young blind and partially sighted people face. Francesca has worked closely with our campaigns team particularly around welfare benefits and has built up strong relationships with other campaigners across the country.


Sean lives in Essex and has previously mentored blind and partially sighted young people. Sean is interested in politics and is a member of the Games Maker choir which sang at the Paralympics in 2012.


Tom from Essex is at University in Swansea where he is studying Logistics and Supply chain management. Tom is particularly interested in the accessibility of retail websites, accessible information and the barriers people with sight loss face when using the internet.


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