Eye condition information in other languages

Find out more about AMD, cataracts, diabetes-related eye conditions and glaucoma in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Welsh (Cymraeg)

The eye condition information we have for you in other languages

Our "Understanding sight loss" series of leaflets gives you detailed information on common eye conditions. We have translated four of these leaflets into Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and Welsh (Cymraeg).

In each leaflet, you can find out about the causes, symptoms and treatment of each eye condition. Each also includes suggested ways of coping with each condition and useful contacts for further support.

The leaflets are available as downloadable PDF documents, written in each language. They are also available as spoken-word audio files in WAV format, all of which can be easily downloaded or streamed directly via the website.

For information on eye conditions in English, take a look at our eye conditions section.






Call us to talk through your eye condition

If you know someone who would like to speak to an adviser about their eye condition, including rare eye conditions, but English is not their first language, then they can still call our Eye Health Information Service through our Helpline on 0303 123 9999. Our advisers have access to a confidential translation service, so callers can ask questions and get our advice in their own language.

You can also email helpline@rnib.org.uk.

Find out more about eye examinations, referral to a hospital for diagnosis and the help there is for you if you were recently diagnosed with an eye condition.


RNIB is not a medical organisation, therefore we can only provide general information that is not intended to be a substitute for a proper medical assessment. Please read our eye health information disclaimer.