Advice on dealing with hallucinations

When you’re having an hallucination, there are a few things you can try to help make them disappear. For most people, there isn’t one way to deal with their hallucinations but you might like to try some of the following ideas to see if they help.

  • Make some changes to the things around you or what you’re doing when a hallucination first starts – for example, try putting on the television or radio, or stand up and move around slightly or go into a different room.
  • Change the lighting around you – if your hallucinations happen in dim light, then open the curtains or turn on a light.
  • Try staring directly at the image or reach out to touch it.
  • Try blinking your eyes rapidly a few times.
  • Try a type of eye exercise where you move your eyes from left to right every second for 15-30 seconds, without moving your head. If the hallucinations continue, have a rest and try again. If you’ve tried 4-5 times and the hallucination is still there, then it’s unlikely to work, but you might want to try again another time for a different type of hallucination.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep – some people find that their hallucinations are worse when they are tired or stressed.

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