How does PVD change with time?

If you’ve had PVD, you may be aware of floaters and little flashes of light in your vision. You may still be aware of your floaters even after the flashes of light have stopped. When you’re aware of your floaters a lot of the time, it can be very frustrating and you may wonder if they will ever become less noticeable, or go away.

You may find that your symptoms only last a few weeks, but it’s more common for them to last about six months. The floaters and flashes of light which affect people with PVD will gradually calm down over time.

If your symptoms take longer to improve, it doesn’t mean that there’s anything wrong. But if you’re worried, you should get advice from the ophthalmologist who checked your eyes.

With time, your brain learns to ignore your floaters so you don’t notice them as much or at all.