Get ready for Wobbly Wednesday

A charity has launched a campaign aimed at raising awareness of nystagmus.

The initiative by Nystagmus Network is part of Wobbly Wednesday that takes places on 5 November 2014. People across the country are being asked to do a sponsored event, wear a Wobbly Wednesday badge or talk to friends about nystagmus, which is characterised by involuntary movements of the eyes.

Supporters can now download posters and activity sheets to help them promote their events. Also, available is a £10,000 research grant into the eye condition.

Richard Wilson, Chairman, Nystagmus Network, said: “Last year our supporters rose to the challenges of raising awareness and surpassed our expectations and we thank them all for their hard work. We admire the courage that our younger supporters showed in explaining to their peers what it’s like to have nystagmus. The dedication of our fundraisers means that from this year forward we can award a new nystagmus research grant of £10,000.”

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