London Underground

If you live in London or are visiting, you can use the London Underground to get around. Here we have some information to help you on your journey.

On the underground

All underground trains have audible announcements, which will tell you the destination of the train and announce each station as you arrive. There are also audible announcements at most stations. Most platforms have tactile paving along the edge of platforms to help you find your way. Most platforms also have yellow and white lines to indicate the edge of the platform.

Guide dog owners will need to do special training with Guide Dogs before they can use escalators on the London Underground. But if your guide dog has not had training, you can ask the station staff to stop an escalator for you.

Maps, guides and further information

London Underground produces large print maps and an audio tube guide to help you to plan your journey. Most guides and leaflets are available in braille on request. The Describe Online website offers text guides to London Underground stations.

For more information about travelling on the London Underground, visit Transport for London.