Travel help and support

If you need help getting around, travel training and travel assistance schemes can help. Here we have information about what’s available.

Travel training

There are many local organisations that offer travel training for people with sight loss. The training, which is usually free, will give you the skills and confidence to use public transport.

We have information about organisations that offer training in the Travel Training section of our Sightline Directory.

Assistance with rail travel

Train operators across the UK provide free travel assistance for people with sight loss or other disabilities. This usually includes guiding you to the platform and meeting you at your destination. It’s best to contact the train operator in advance to book your assistance but some operators will offer a turn-up-and-go service.

We have information about who to contact to arrange assistance in the Rail Travel Assistance section of our Sightline Directory.

Door-to-door assistance

If you are unable to use public transport, you can use a local community transport scheme to get around. These schemes, for example Dial-a-ride, offer a door-to-door transport services.

We have information about community transport schemes in the Community Transport section of our Sightline Directory.