Online and phone banking

If getting to your bank isn't possible or you would prefer to bank from the privacy and comfort of your own home, telephone or internet banking could be the answer.

Passwords and security

If you decide to bank via telephone or on the internet you will need a user name and password to keep your account secure. You will need to use these details every time you access your account. This information should be sent to you in your preferred format. Some people find it hard to remember the username and password sent by the bank and instead they prefer to choose their own. Tell your bank if you want to do this and they will explain what information they need for you, for example you're often required to create a password using a combination of letters and numbers or by answering some security questions set by yourself.

Telephone banking

To use telephone banking you don't necessarily have to use the telephone keypad to input a long list of account numbers so that you can get through to speak to someone at your bank. Instead, you can be asked security questions to check that you are who you say you are. Once you are through the security process all your banking needs should be met over the phone, including bill payments and checking your balance.

Mobile phone banking

Increasingly banks are offering banking via mobile phone. If this is something that you're interested in talk to your bank about the safety of banking in this way.
If you use speech output on your phone you may want to ensure that you're alone or use headphones when receiving updates about your account for your privacy and safety.

Online banking

Banks and building societies should have websites that are accessible to blind and partially sighted people. Your bank will ensure that you either have a fully accessible way of accessing your account details or they will give you equipment to enable you to provide the required information to access your account.

If you experience problems banking online, make sure that you contact your bank to tell them exactly what the problem. This will keep your account as secure as possible and your bank may be able to solve the problem quickly and easily.