Kindle eBook apps

Amazon have a number of apps for computers, tablets and smart phones. All have magnification features, but only the Apple iOS app supports both speech and braille, while the Android and PC apps have speech output only.

Kindle for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad)

Kindle app for Apple devices has a number of display options including a choice of font, font size and colour theme. It also allows VoiceOver, the built-in screen reader, to read books and display them on a Bluetooth braille display.

Reviews of the app and its accessibility are available from the National Federation of the Blind and the Fedora website, as well as a detailed audio review and instructions  from David Woodbridge.

The NBP in the US sell a short booklet about the Amazon app in a number of formats.

iPad videos

Watch our short videos which demonstrate the accessible Kindle App being used in conjunction with VoiceOver and screen magnification on an Apple iPad.

The Kindle app with Voiceover

The Kindle app with magnification

Kindle for Android tablets and smartphones

The Android app has the usual font size, margin and line spacing options, a brightness setting and three colour options. Oddly, there is no font option.

There is also support for TalkBack, the built-in screen reader, although results do seem to depend on the specific handset and version of Android. Users of newer devices should have the best experience.

Kindle for PC with accessibility

The free Kindle for PC with accessibility plugin  allows you to read Kindle books on a Windows computer with speech.

You need a screen reader to read the menus, controls and list of books available in the app, but once you open a book, the text-to-speech built into the Kindle app can be used to read it. The text-to-speech will work with any book acquired from the Kindle Store.

Help for the app is available by pressing Ctrl + I or F1. All text-to-speech functions are carried out with shortcut keys.

Download a document containing more information about kindle for pc with accessibility (Word, 165KB)

Other Kindle apps

There are also Kindle apps for Mac OS X, BlackBerry and Windows Phone. These apps support the magnification and colour-change features of the device they are on, but it is not possible to vocalise book content with a screen reader.