Kobo eBook apps

There are free Kobo apps for most platforms. All offer font style, size and colour options for book contents, and some have speech output.

iOS apps (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad)

Unusually, the iPad app differs from other iOS devices, and at the moment is not useable with VoiceOver.

On the iPhone and iPod touch, menus and icons are poorly labelled for VoiceOver, but it is possible to sign in and read a book.

Kobo iPad app video

Watch our short video showing some features of the Kobo iPad app that may be useful for a reader with low vision.

Android app

The Kobo app for Android used to work in a limited way with the TalkBack screen reader, in that it was possible to read one sentence at a time. With recent updates, even this limited functionality seems to have disappeared.

Other apps

Kobo also have free apps for Windows and Mac computers. You can use these apps to transfer books to your eBook reader as well as reading books on your computer.

They do not work with any screen reader.