Nook eBook readers

The Nook range includes a cheap touch screen device, a similar device with a front light, and a tablet.

The price of Nook devices has dropped substantially since their launch in 2012. They are sold in supermarkets, book shops and other high street shops, and online.

Nook Simple Touch and Simple Touch GlowLight

The Simple Touch has a 6 inch eInk touch screen and weighs 197g. It can hold around 1,000 books, and has a slot for an SD card which could hold up to 30,000 more. The GlowLight differs only in having a front light that can be turned on or off at any time. The battery life claims 30 hours of continuous reading without the light on, or half that with the light on. The set-up procedure requires an internet connection and a Nook account. If you don't already have an account, you can set one up during the setup process.

There are a range of font options and sizes up to around 24pt for book content. There are tactile controls for page navigation which can be used instead of gestures on the touch screen. It has no text-to-speech.

Watch our Nook Simple Touch GlowLight video

Nook Simple GlowLight eReader for low vision readers

Nook HD and HD+

The Nook HD has a 7 inch HD colour screen with a resolution of 243ppi, and weighs 315g. It has stereo speakers and an SD card slot, and comes in 8GB and 16GB variations.

The Nook HD+ is very similar, but with a 9-inch screen, resolution of 256ppi, and weighing 515g. There are 16GB and 32GB models.

Each has a range of font options for book content - a number of shapes, sizes up to approximately 24pt, and more colour themes than is usually found, with various combinations of black or white text on white, brown or dark grey backgrounds.

The Nook HD and HD+ are in fact Android tablet computers using Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). They therefore include an extra large text option for menus, but no magnification facility, and the TalkBack screen reader. The Explore-by-touch feature, although present, does not seem to work. Reading a book with TalkBack does not work in the standard way and is very cumbersome.

The devices have access to the Play Store, and therefore it is possible to install other eBook apps. Only the Play Books app will read with TalkBack, and this only in the most rudimentary fashion.

Watch our Nook HD+ video for low vision readers

Nook HD+ eReader for low vision readers