Bills and other paperwork

There's more to reading than just books, newspapers and magazines. We're talking about bank statements, letters from the doctor or the council, birthday cards, maps - the everyday things that you need to be able to read. 

Products to help you read

Our online shop has many products to help you read depending on your degree of sight loss. There are simple products like magnifiers, and more hi tech ones such as reading aids to scan and translate printed text into a computer. 

Letters, bills and bank statements

If you struggle to read bank statements, bills, letters and so on the Equality Act 2010 (or the Disability Discrimination Act in Northern Ireland) means that you should be able to request them in a reading format that suits you. For example, you can ask your bank to provide a statement in braille or a utility bill in large print.

Medicine Leaflets

It can be hard to read the print on the leaflets that come with medication. If you need help, call the free RNIB Medicine Leaflet Line on 0800 198 5000 and quote the 8 or 9 digit product licence (PL) or code number from the leaflet in your medication. If you are not sure what the product number is, ask your pharmacist. 

You can either listen to the Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) over the phone or order a copy in braille, large print or audio CD format to be sent to your home. You don't even have to register. 

Search for your medicine at X-PIL - they are a leading source of reliable and up-to-date information on UK medicines.

Help with reading

There are many local voluntary societies for blind and partially sighted people. Many have volunteers to help with reading. Search the Sightline Directory to find contact details of your local society and what help they can give. Or call our Helpline on 0303 123 9999 for more information.

Reading choices from RNIB

We make it possible for you to get access to books, newspapers and magazines in the format you prefer, whether that’s braille, audio, large print or digital. You can borrow from our library service – the largest of its kind in the UK – or buy from our online shop.

RNIB reading choices