Reading for children

There is lots of reading material available for young bookworms to dive into.

Check out our information for blind and partially sighted people on audiobraille,large and giant print and eBooks for advice on all the places you can find your favourite books and magazines.

Children's reading from RNIB

Borrow books for children from the RNIB National Library Service - borrow great books in braille, audio or giant print (24 point). Our dedicated children's librarians can help you find what you're looking for and discover new books you've never thought of trying.

Buy books from RNIB - our online bookshop has a great range of braille and audio children's books. Try a shared reading book where you can read braille and large print together.

Children's magazines from National Talking Newspapers and Magazines - get the most popular magazines for all ages delivered straight to your inbox, including Top of the Pops and Match of the Day. You can also try free taster copies online. Our specialist team of editors track down the best online and high street articles, features and news and pack them in to our magazines, available in braille and via email.

For parents

Subscribe to RNIB's Insight magazine for teachers and parents supporting blind and partially sighted children. Stay up to date with accessible technology, complex needs, independent living skills, and resources for teachers and families.

Reading choices from RNIB

We make it possible for you to get access to books, newspapers and magazines in the format you prefer, whether that’s braille, audio, large print or digital. You can borrow from our library service – the largest of its kind in the UK – or buy from our online shop.

RNIB reading choices