Telephone and mail order shopping

Shopping from home can be easier, but you may feel that you need extra help going through the catalogue or compiling your shopping list.

Some shops may provide a telephone shopping service, which allows you to purchase goods over the phone rather than having to visit a store.The store should send you a catalogue to help you make a shopping list. Catalogues may be available in large print or on audio CD, or the store could have other arrangements to help you use the catalogue.

  • Once you’ve made your order the store will keep a record of your list so you can reorder the same things without having to go through the catalogue again. You can add to it or change it anytime.
  • Your shopping will be delivered to your home but remember that most stores will add an administration or delivery charge to your bill. 
  • Some local authorities will pay for the cost of delivering shopping for people who are unable to shop for themselves. This is normally via direct payments or a shopping scheme run by a local voluntary organisation. To find out more contact your local social services department.

Mail order shopping

The difference between mail order shopping and shopping via telephone is that you can spread mail order repayments over time. This also allows you to make sure you're happy with goods before you pay for them.

However, it may be difficult to return unwanted goods. It can also be difficult to pay without a debit or credit card. You will also need to fill out forms, which can be challenging depending on your level of sight loss.