Tech tips and resources

Technology is evolving every day. It can be daunting knowing where to start with the thousands of products available from high street shops.  

Increasingly these have accessibility built in, or from specialist suppliers of products designed for people with sight loss. Our beginner's guides will help you understand the basics, and help get you started finding out about technology that can help and entertain you!

Beginner's guide to computers, laptops and tablets

Computers aren't all that scary really - our beginner's guide takes the fear factor out of using a computer. Get started today!

Beginner's guide to mobiles and smart phones

Everyone seems to have a mobile, or even a smartphone, these days. But do you know how to make the most of yours? Our beginner's guide will get you started.

Beginner's guide to keyboard skills

Using a keyboard is essential if you can't use a mouse, and can make using your computer easier and faster even if you can. Our beginner's guide will get you started on learning how to use the keyboard.

Beginner's guide to assistive technology

Unsure about assistive technology? Our beginner's guide helps you understand the basics, whether you use a screen reader, a magnifier, braille output or something else.

Beginner's guide to getting online

Using the internet can open up whole new worlds. Our guide to getting online will help you get started.

Beginner's guide to voice control

Introduction to using dictation and voice control on a computer or mobile device

Technology support

To speak to one of our Technology for Life coordinators contact 0303 123 9999; or to make a referral request for Technology Support - please contact our technology mailbox [email protected] or complete the enquiry form on the following page.

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