Getting interested in technology videos

Getting interested in technology has never been as simple and as easy to do as it is today.

RNIB - supported by BT, have worked together to create a range of great tools to show you what's available and help you get started. Whether you're keeping in touch with friends and family, managing your money or getting out and about, there's technology that can help!

Chapter 1: Screen reader and screen magnification

In 2011, BT supported us to investigate the barriers preventing older people with sight loss from using the internet. The results highlighted a need to promote the advantages of getting online.

Having access to technology can enhance almost every part of our lives and feeling included, is today very much about being connected. This is particularly the case if you have sight loss.

"Getting interested in technology" is part of RNIB's initiative to show you that it isn't complicated to get started with technology. In our short series of videos we cover all of the popular topics and questions around technology and have made it really simple and user friendly.

If you are using a computer but have not tried using features that can make this whole experience more accessible, then our first chapter is for you. It touches upon "first experience with a computer using accessibility features".

Chapter 2: Smartphones and tablets

While the number of people reaping the benefits of internet access is continuing to increase, for many people their experience of internet will not be on a traditional computer but a Smartphone or a tablet. The accessibility of mainstream Smartphones and tablets has progressed significantly over the past couple of years and for this reason it is often easier to start out on the internet using a device other than a traditional computer.

Chapter 3: Getting connected and staying safe online

While you are online, it is also very important to stay safe and maintain a feeling of confidence, so find out what you can do to protect yourself and your identity in this chapter.

Chapter 4: Social Media

In our fourth module, find out about social media networks such as Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn, and how you can use video conferencing to stay connected without incurring costs.

Chapter 5: Online shopping and banking

Online shopping has grown in popularity enormously in recent years. For people who are blind or partially sighted, online shopping can offer solutions to a number of challenges:

  • It is very convenient.
  • There is potential to save money.
  • Greater choice of products.
  • Avoid queues and physical aspects of navigating a store
  • Best of all - it can be done from the comfort of your own home!

For all of us, managing our finances is an important everyday task. Online banking can allow you to have 24-hour access to your bank account, providing greater control and confidence when it comes to managing money.

Chapter 6: Independent travel

Technology is playing an increasing important role when it comes to travelling around independently. Whether it is for journey planning, real time travel information or independent personal navigation, there are many solutions available in the market which can boost your independence.



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