If you are a blind or partially sighted person looking for work, or hoping to retain your job, it can be helpful to talk to someone who has been through the challenges you face.

UKVIJOBS email groups

UKVIJOBS provides a free source of useful employment related information and discussion. This is done through a series of email lists which are set up either as discussion groups or as notice boards. There are currently three groups, which are:

  • employment and vision impairment discussion group
  • small enterprise and vision impairment discussion group
  • job vacancy advertising noticeboard

Society of Visually Impaired Lawyers (SoVIL)

SoVIL is a self-help group that aims to promote the interests of blind and partially sighted lawyers, and those wishing to work in the legal profession. SoVIL members are willing to act as mentors to young lawyers or law students, and information about this service can be obtained from SoVIL's website and a request for mentoring assistance can be submitted via the contact us link on the SoVILwebsite.

British Computer Association of the Blind

The British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB) is a lively community of blind and partially sighted computer users. They offer training, discussion, networking and help to all its members. Established in 1969, it is the oldest computer association for blind and partially sighted people in the world. Membership includes people of all skill levels, interests and abilities. While not employment specific, blind and partially sighted job seekers or those wishing to retain employment may find relevant peer advice here on access technology. Visit the BCAB website.

Association of Disabled Professionals

ADP is a membership organisation that provides advice, information and peer support to disabled people interested in working in professional fields. ADP also provides a quarterly newsletter and a series of employment guides for disabled people. Visit the Association of Disabled Professionals website

"Living with more vision and less sight: A collection of observations from a lemonade maker"

Ten years ago Steph Cutler heard the news she was going to experience sight loss and threw an 'I'm going to go blind' party!' She has written an eBook to celebrate her tenth anniversary of being visually impaired. 'Living with more vision and less sight' is a collection of memories and musings noted over ten years.

Download your copy from the Making lemonade website.