Trainee Grade Scheme

Discover what the Trainee Grade Scheme is, the types of opportunities available, the benefits of the scheme, and how to apply.

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What is the Trainee Grade Scheme?

The Trainee Grade Scheme (TGS) offers paid work experience to unemployed blind and partially sighted people.

How long does the placement last?

Each placement lasts for 50 weeks, or until alternative employment is secured, whichever occurs sooner.

What types of opportunities are available?

The scheme offers full time or part time (as advertised) opportunities in a range of work areas in different departments within RNIB, including:

  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Research
  • Administration
  • Events co-ordination

How much will I be paid?

The salary offered will fall within RNIB's existing pay scales.

What are the benefits of this scheme?

  • Dedicated training time
  • Subject to RNIB's HR policies, procedures and benefits such as the Pension Scheme
  • Support with Access to Work applications
  • Part time and flexible work patterns subject to operational requirements

How can TGS help my job search?

  • An up-to-date work reference
  • A chance to use knowledge and skills in a real work environment
  • An opportunity to learn new, or improve existing, skills
  • Job search support to look for permanent employment

How do I apply for a TGS vacancy?

TGS vacancies are advertised in RNIB's job section.

Work and still claim benefits

Did you know that you could work and still claim benefits? Subject to individual circumstances and the rules in operation at the time of application. Please speak to your local Disability Employment Adviser at your local Jobcentre or call the RNIB Helpline on 0303 123 9999 for more details.

Am I eligible to apply for a TGS Vacancy?

To apply for a TGS post you must be:

  • unemployed
  • blind or partially sighted
  • work ready
  • willing to undertake training and development activities
  • There are no minimum or maximum qualification criteria.

Further information

For more information about any aspect of the Trainee Grade Scheme please contact our Helpline on 0303 123 9999 or email [email protected].