Audio stories

An audio collection of success stories featuring blind and partially sighted people employed in various roles.

Aidan's story

Aidan is a corporate director responsible for more than 75 staff. He had an accident at work which resulted in optic nerve damage and had to learn new ways of working to retain his job.

Pauline's story

Pauline is a front of house coordinator at the Amateur Swimming Association. After her eye sight started deteriorating she enrolled on RNIB's Trainee Grade Scheme to update her skills.

Caroline's story

Caroline is a senior conference and event sales coordinator at Holiday Inn. She enjoys organising weddings and parties. Her eyesight hasn't stopped her following her career and getting promoted.

Giles' story

Giles has had an interesting and varied career working as an associate, team leader, manager, trainer, and script writer. He now works as a freelance consultant.

Dayo's story

Dayo worked as an engineer in manufacturing. After losing his sight he retrained as an administrator via RNIB's Trainee Grade Scheme.