Frank's story

Frank offers advice and consultancy to parents of visually impaired children regarding education related options and gives talks at parent support group meetings and schools.

Parents find Frank inspirational and are reassured to be talking to someone who has extensive knowledge and who has succeeded despite his sight problem.

A year ago, Frank decided to venture into new territory by setting up a catering business. Having worked as a Public Relations Officer, Work Experience and Careers Co-ordinator, and Head of English Department, amongst various other roles within his previous teaching career, Frank was already equipped with leadership skills and management experience in addition to possessing excellent communication skills. Frank advised:

"Consulting a friend who had been running her own catering business for ten years also really helped me as it gave me an insight into what is really involved in running a business of this nature. I think it is really important to thoroughly research into what running a business entails and going into it with your eyes open."
As part of his catering business, Frank deals with the marketing, sales and administrative side of the business by taking the bookings and visiting potential clients and the venues. His catering manager is responsible for the actual preparation and presentation of the food.

Frank uses a braille notetaker for administrative tasks and employs a support worker to assist him when travelling to see clients. Accurately judging the size of venues can also be problematic. Frank's philosophy is that "If you expect problems and try and find solutions, most of the issues that you may come across can be easily resolved."

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