Liz's story

Liz, aged 40 began to lose her sight three years ago due to Diabetic Retinopathy and was concerned how her employer would react to her becoming partially sighted.

Liz has worked at Bespak for the last nine years as an Information Systems Advisor. Her job includes staffing a busy IT helpdesk, logging jobs and distributing them to other staff members.

When her sight began to deteriorate, she went to the RNIB Resource Centre in London to look at the equipment that was available for her to do her job.

Liz has now had an Access to Work assessment which means that she has the appropriate equipment and training to do her job. Liz uses ZoomText, a software program that enlarges the text on a computer screen, she also uses a keyboard with large print letters on it. To magnify print documents she uses a magnifying camera called a video magnifier.

Liz said "My employer has been fantastic and extremely positive. Their support, understanding and willingness to cooperate with RNIB, who introduced us to the benefits of Access to Work, has without a doubt helped me to keep my job".

Because of the support that Access to Work provides, Liz has retained her job and is now confident to move onto further opportunities and develop her career.

Liz's employer says "Liz is now very proficient and there really isn't anything that she can't do that she'd do in a normal job and at a normal pace of work".