This IS working: employment success stories from people living with sight loss

These publications highlight how people with sight loss participate successfully in the world of work.

  We have compiled personal stories from over 30 blind and partially sighted people who are developing and sustaining exciting careers. The publications show how the challenges of sight loss are being overcome in the workplace by some exceptional people and some enlightened employers.

This IS working Northern Ireland

This IS working in Northern Ireland tells the story of 11 men and women who are blind or partially sighted. They are working in a wide range of jobs, supporting themselves and their families, contributing to their employer's success and using their energies and talents to further the wealth and wellbeing of our society.

This IS working in England

This IS working in England tells the stories of blind or partially sighted people who are succeeding and developing in exciting careers. Their stories prove how people with sight loss contribute to the workplace in a variety of challenging occupations. This is supported through the strong testimonies of the employers involved. It's about seeing the capabilities of people with sight loss, not focussing on the disability.

This IS learning and working in Wales

This IS learning and working in Wales tells the story of six blind and partially sighted people who are successfully employed in a wide range of jobs. These people represent the opportunities that can be accessed and the achievements that are possible in terms of learning and employment. They are testament to the fact that sight loss has not prevented them finding work or enjoying fulfilling careers.

This IS Working

Ten personal stories that profile people living with sight loss in Scotland, who sustain exciting careers that includes broadcasting, financial services, careers guidance, housing and IT.

This IS Working 2

Second collection of 10 personal stories from Scotland of people who are blind and partially sighted in jobs, including physiotherapist, civil service policy officer and secondary school teacher.

This is Working 3

Nine new case-studies of people with sight loss in Scotland who are employed in a range of jobs, including IT lecturer, civil engineer and secondary school teacher.