Benefits and concessions

In this section we take you through the financial help that you could get to make life more affordable

We look at the benefits you could be entitled to – whether you are in or out of work, the concessions that you could claim, and who could help you with a grant to help you buy items you need.

Claim the benefits you are entitled to

There are a range of benefits that you may be able to claim to help you in your daily life if you are blind or partially sighted. Take a look at the:

We also have details of the rates for benefits that people who are blind or partially sighted most commonly claim.

Make use of the concessions available to you

If you are registered as blind or partially sighted, there are a range of discounts or even free products and services that you could take advantage of. Find out more in our section on concessions.

Finding a grant to help you afford items you need

If you are on a low income and need financial assistance to buy items that you need at home, to get out and about, or to communicate with other people, there could be a grant for you. This could be from our own grants scheme or a grant from another organisation.


Download our leaflet on the benefits and concessions you could be entitled to

Part of our "Starting out" series of leaflets, "Benefits, concessions and registration" takes a look at the main benefits and concessions you could claim if you are blind or partially sighted, plus how you can go about registering your sight loss:

This information has been produced with kind support from The Lord Leonard and Lady Estelle Wolfson Foundation.


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Calculate your benefits

The benefits you're entitled to depends on your own personal circumstances. We have an easy to use calculator that asks you some questions about your situation and then tells you exactly how much you may be missing out on.

What benefits should I be receiving?