Employment and work

As a blind or partially sighted person you may be worried that you will be unable to find work or stay in your current job, however there is help and support available from RNIB, other voluntary organisations and the government.

Here you will find information to help you get a new job, retain your current one and learn about successfully employed people with sight loss.

If you are an employer or someone who works with blind or partially sighted people you may be more interested in our Employing a blind or partially sighted person or Employment professionals sections.

RNIB employment services 

RNIB provide specialist support and advice to help you find employment, start your own business, or stay in work if you are losing your sight. Services are delivered via our helpline, our Employment Line and our UK-wide network of regional and local centres. To find out more, please contact:

RNIB Helpline:
0303 123 9999

Preparing for employment

Do you want to know more about how we can help you to find work? Visit our preparing for employment page to watch two short videos which show how we support people into work.

Looking for work

Information on looking for work for blind and partially sighted job seekers including choosing a career and finding vacancies, writing a CV, completing application forms, interview skills and details of where you can get further support to help with your job search.

Staying in work

If you have recently experienced a change in your sight, a change in your working environment or a change of job you may need help and support to stay in work. This section includes an introduction to assistive technology, advice on using a support worker and details of where you can get further support.

Self employment

Information on self employment including starting your own business and becoming self-employed, including details of where you can get further support.

Practical support

Our practical support section provides information about government support, such as the Access to Work scheme, as well as work placements, training and mentoring opportunities.

Employment factsheets

Our series of employment factsheets cover a range of topics to help you find or remain in work.

Your rights in employment

You can find out all about your rights in employment situations by visiting our Equality Act section.

News about employment

Visit our news about employment section and stay up to date with the latest news and resources to help you find and retain work.

Success stories

Read about success stories of blind and partially sighted people in employment.