New guide for blind and partially sighted archery and shooting

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Monday, 23 January 2017
Boy learning to shoot

British Blind Sport has launched a guide to help enhance opportunities for more people with vision impairment (VI) to take part in target sports.

The charity, that provides sporting opportunities for people with VI throughout the UK, designed the guide to enable coaches to learn more about eye conditions and have a greater understanding of the needs of people with VI who want to take part in archery or shooting.

Download the guide now

Funded by Agincourt 600, 1,200 hard copies have also been produced and are ready for distribution. To request a copy, please email [email protected] or call 01926 42 42 47.
Alaina MacGregor, CEO of British Blind Sport, said, “We know that ensuring participation in sport is a positive experience for a person with VI is often due to a skilled and confident coach or teacher. The guide is a fantastic and insightful tool for those coaches and teachers who want to help others achieve their sporting goals and who are committed to making a visible difference through sport.”
The charity have already launched educational resources into VI football, swimming, athletics, judo and general sport.

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