Children wanted for iPad trial to break down barriers to learning

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016
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RNIB is looking to recruit 50 children with vision impairment to take part in a trial that will provide them with an iPad and access to Load2Learn.

The appeal made by Neil Heslop, Managing Director of RNIB Solutions asks for 50 children with vision impairment of secondary school age (Years 7 to 13) from across the UK to use Load2Learn on an iPad during the Summer Term.
Load2Learn is a free online resource where you can download classroom materials. The service has thousands of accessible books and images to support blind and partially sighted children’s education. Load2Learn also includes guidance and training on how to adapt materials for different learners’ needs.
The trial aims to ensure RNIB have all the tools in place so that they can upscale and deliver this as a service for every child with vision impairment in the UK.
Neil Heslop said: “It’s a radical approach to try bring together more content and better products, along with making Load2Learn available to children.

“We think it has tremendous potential and we think it is an opportunity to put in your hands many more tools and options to enable you to better support the children you’re working with.”

For £5 a month, plus VAT – to be paid for by the parents/carers – the learner will get:
  • An Apple iPad with access to Load2Learn
  • Connectivity through 4G data each month (and Wi-Fi), and
  • The option to continue the contract with O2 after the trial (a four year contract).
Children and their parents who are successful in joining the trial need to be willing to engage and give RNIB regular feedback through questionnaires.
Registration for interest in the trial is now closed.

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