Help secure the best possible outcomes for children with vision impairment

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Monday, 11 December 2017

Tara Chattaway, Policy Project Officer at RNIB, discusses their latest campaign on children’s vision services and how you can help by talking to your local authority.

Local authorities have the opportunity and a duty to make sure children and young people with vision impairment (VI) reach their full potential.
In RNIB’s guide to commissioning, you will find eight key questions you can pose to your local authority when they’re commissioning and reviewing services for children and young people with VI.
The guide pulls together good practice, legislation and guidance to ensure that the very best outcomes are met.

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When local authorities are setting budgets and reviewing services, we recognise that they need to shape services to be fit for the future, ensuring finite resources are used efficiently. However, it’s crucial that any review meets the fundamental needs of children and young people with VI.
We’re concerned that the system of support for these children is disintegrating in England. They are frequently being let down by a lack of appropriate support to access the curriculum and to learn vital social, communication and mobility skills.
Local authorities have the power to put high-quality specialist support, delivered by appropriately qualified professionals, in place, so that children and young people with VI can thrive alongside their sighted peers.

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