Information about vision impairment: A guide for parents

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Thursday, 30 June 2016
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RNIB has launched an information guide for parents of children and young people with vision impairment.

The guide contains essential information and useful advice for parents and carers on vision impairment, early years, school education and transitioning into adulthood.
Families who have ‘been there before’ were consulted about the content so that the booklet reflects what they would have liked to have known when their child was first diagnosed.

Download the guide

You will find a wealth of information including:

General information

  • Understanding vision impairment
  • The development of vision in infants and young children
  • Who can help including health, education, social care professionals

Early years

  • Learning to communicate, listen and read
  • Developing the senses and lighting and visual stimulation
  • Objects and toys and making play and learning fun
  • Mobility and safety
  • Choosing a school

School years

  • Playing and hobbies
  • Getting around and increasing independence
  • Methods of learning and formats
  • Friendships, encouraging children to socialise and dealing with bullying
  • Choosing a secondary school

Further information

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