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Friday, 18 September 2015
VI child in classroom

In a brand new RNIB video you can watch techniques used in a busy secondary school to support learners with vision impairment.

Teachers and learners talk about what works for them and how the many of these techniques also benefit other learners with a print disability such as pupils with dyslexia or dyscalculia.

Learners with print disabilities, such as dyslexia or sight loss, need resources in a format they can access. RNIB’s new five minute film is a brief introduction to accessible formats for student teachers and teachers in mainstream schools.

Watch our Making accessible resources for print disabled learners video

Making accessible resources for print disabled learners

Want more video guidance? 

Take a look at RNIB Bookshare's (formerly known as Load2Learn) videos  for more help with producing accessible text and images. Load2Learn is a free service supported by RNIB and Dyslexia Action. You’ll find over 8,500 accessible resources for educators supporting print-disabled learners. You can download textbooks and accessible images, and format the electronic file to meet your students’ needs. 

Watch the RNIB Bookshare videos for step-by-step advice about producing easy-to-use accessible resources.




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