New therapy pool for disabled children being built at RNIB Pears Centre

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Friday, 17 June 2016

Work to build a hydrotherapy pool at RNIB Pears Centre for Specialist Learning in Coventry, North Warwickshire is now underway.

This new facility at the specialist school and children’s home will provide much needed water therapies to children and young people with multiple disabilities, complex health needs and vision impairment.
Eleven years in the planning, the centre has so far managed to secure donations from supporters including the Bradbury Foundation and Pears Foundation to help fund the new pool. Construction began on 25 April and the pool should be ready in October 2016.
Ginny Tyler, Head of Children’s Health and Care Services at RNIB, said: “I am delighted that a hydrotherapy pool is now being built at RNIB Pears Centre.

"Children and young people with complex health needs and sensory impairments benefit so much from hydrotherapy. It gives them freedom of movement and gentle but vital exercise in a safe environment. They are also able to enjoy calm and relaxation. For children who use mechanical ventilation, expert help to experience hydrotherapy is one of the few physical activities they can participate in.

"Having a pool on site will give our children many more opportunities to benefit from water therapy. It will enable us to be flexible and spontaneous, which is important for children who can be unpredictable.”
Once complete, the centre is hoping to be able to offer use of the pool to the wider community.

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Photo caption: Social care workers, Miranda Thompson and Victoria Bugeja, with two young people who live and learn at RNIB Pears Centre

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