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Tuesday, 20 February 2018
Child reading braille

John Chester, VI Learning Coordinator from Middlesbrough, shares how he prepares technical materials for science lessons and how to help learners understand them.

Currently I spend quite a lot of my material preparation time creating technical resources for subjects like Mathematics, Science (physics, biology and chemistry), and Mechanics and any others which may require a student to use more advanced braille notation (I have written for Insight before about the braille signs needed for Maths). It is vital to prepare learners with vision impairment (VI) so they understand and can use technical signs in lessons.

On top of that, learners require a wide range of tactile diagrams, such as the periodic table or ionic compounds, and therefore need time to build up and develop diagram skills. This may involve time outside of Science lessons to practice these skills and receive guidance from the VI teacher and/or specialist teaching assistants.