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Friday, 12 June 2015

Advances in technology enable a whole new approach to the inclusion of children with vision impairment in mainstream schools.

We believe that children should be taught the skills to be self-reliant in their learning so that adult support is seen as the exception rather than the rule. Developments in educational thinking and massive advances in digital technology now make this achievable in ways that weren't previously possible.

Technology revolution and digital resources

The increasing accessibility of tablets and smart phones means that blind and partially sighted learners are often able to use them directly, instead of having to learn to use specialist software or different equipment.

The online database of downloadable resources in accessible formats, RNIB Bookshare (formerly known as Load2Learn), is also helping learners to work more independently.  

How technology can promote independent learning

Watch this short video about 14-year-old Ben talking about the technology he uses in class so that he can learn more effectively and independently.

Ben is 14 and uses a tablet and a laptop


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