Guide to tennis for blind and partially sighted players

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Thursday, 2 March 2017
Girl participating in tennis

The Tennis Foundation has developed a guide to visually impaired tennis for players, coaches and tournament organisers.

The charity hopes it will help increase opportunities for blind and partially sighted people to play tennis. The guide has information on:
  • How players can get involved
  • Sight classifications
  • Rules (including court and net dimensions and equipment), and
  • Coaching guidance.

Download the guide

The game of tennis was first adapted for blind and partially sighted people in Japan in 1984 and has quickly grown in popularity since, now being played in over 30 countries. It is adapted from the full court version to a smaller court, with lower nets and using an audible ball so players can hear it bounce and being hit.
To find out more about participating and visually impaired tennis, please visit the Tennis Foundation website.

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