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Monday, 18 July 2016

Title: Smart glasses; Authors: Tara Alexander, Jo Arthur, Ranila Chandrakanthan, Sabine Croxford, Lori Di Bon Conyers; Publisher: RNIB; Publication: 1 August 2016 



Smartglasses help people with very low vision to identify shapes, determine distance, and detect objects up to three metres away. The Smartglasses are the brainchild of Dr Stephen Hicks of Oxford University, and have been in development with RNIB for over four years. In 2014, we won the Google Impact Challenge competition, which allowed us to develop a portable version of the glasses.

Here you can find the following reports:

1. The full report detailing our findings and which draws conclusions after testing the glasses with over 200 people.

2. A summary report. 

3. An independent data analysis by Anglia Ruskin University's Dr Keziah Latham. 



Watch a YouTube video about the Smart glasses.



Building on this research, OXSIGHT was founded in 2016 and has since launched smart glasses to market. Find out more about their smart glasses on our Online Shop.