Network 1000 - Comparison report

Title: Network 1000: Comparing the general and registered visually Impaired populations.

Author: Ben Clements, Graeme Douglas, Publisher: Visual Impairment Centre for Teaching and Research, University of Birmingham, Year of publication: 2009.


The aim of this report is to compare the opinions and circumstances of the general population with the registered blind and partially sighted population in the UK for a number of topics. Conducting this research enables us to provide a ‘benchmark’ for the wealth of information obtained about the experiences and opinions of registered visually impaired participants who took part in Network 1000 Survey 1.

Key findings

Topics covered in this report are:    

  • The home and housing    
  • Independent living    
  • Health and disabilities    
  • Employment    
  • Benefits and allowances    
  • Financial circumstances    
  • Travel    
  • Computer use    
  • Education    
  • Leisure